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La Vida Moderna “LIVE SHOW” begins its most international tour to the delight of all exiles of the extinct Moderdonia.

La Vida Moderna is born from the humor phenomenon carried out by David Broncano, Quequé and Ignatius. It was the year 2014 when La Cadena SER asked David Broncano for a radio program whose lower budget only let him hire, two old gentlemen with alcoholism: Quequé and Ignatius.
Against all odds, what began as a special program to cover the holidays of the stars of La SER, ended up becoming a weekly first, and daily later, around which thousands of people with evident problems of social acceptance and/or UPyD supporters.
Due to the success of his proposal, the three young comedy promises wondered “How can we perpetuate the scam?” And so the idea arose to move into theaters the anxiety, the stupor and the grit that the modern life gives us.

Duration: 120 min approximately
Show not recommended under 16 years


David Broncano
David Broncano (1985) is a comedian and TV host of La Resistencia, one of the most watched daily TV shows in Spain and the radio program La Vida Moderna. Nowadays is one of the most famous comedians in Spain.

Héctor de Miguel Martín (1977), artistically known as Quequé, is a Spanish comedian with a long career as an actor in several plays. Nowadays he's the host of the TV program Loco Mundo and the radio program La Lengua Moderna. Also he's everyday in La Vida Moderna.

Ignatius Farray
Juan Ignacio Delgado Alemany (1973), as known as Ignatius Farray, is a Spanish comedian, actor and screenwriter. Since he has been in La Vida Moderna he has grown exponentially with his unique way of making humor.
He has also been nominated for an Emmy Award in 2018 for best international comedy series.

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27 Mai 2022 Fr, 20:00


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